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Hoegaarden 6L Keg

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Transport yourself to the origins of witbier with Hoegaarden on PerfectDraft. Pierre Celis revived this refreshing wheat beer style, adding coriander seeds and Curaçao orange peel. Now the world's most popular witbier,

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Discover the refreshing taste of Hoegaarden witbier in the convenient six-litre PerfectDraft keg. Crafted by Pierre Celis in the town of Hoegaarden, this revitalized wheat beer features coriander seeds and Curaçao orange peel for a truly invigorating experience. As the world's most popular witbier enjoyed globally, Hoegaarden is the ideal choice for your summer barbecue. Embrace the legacy of this widely brewed style and elevate your beer enjoyment with Hoegaarden on PerfectDraft.


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