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Stella Artois 6L Keg

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Enjoy the distinct taste of Stella Artois 6L Keg, a crisp Belgian-style Pilsner with earthy Saaz hop flavors. This premium beer, brewed since 1926, offers a refreshing finish. Perfect for your PerfectDraft machine.

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Introducing the Stella Artois 6L Keg: A Refreshing Belgian-Style Beer for Perfect Draft Machines Experience the crispness and cleanliness of Stella Artois, a renowned Belgian-style beer crafted as a refreshing Pilsner. Since its inception in 1926, this golden brew has captivated beer enthusiasts with its distinctive flavor profile, highlighted by the earthy and herbal notes of Saaz hops. Now, you can savor the full-flavored goodness of this premium Pilsner in the comfort of your own home with the Stella Artois 6L Keg. Designed specifically for use with the PerfectDraft Machine, this 6-liter keg offers convenience and satisfaction. Embrace the true taste of Stella Artois as it pours flawlessly from your PerfectDraft Machine, ensuring every sip delivers an authentic Belgian beer experience. Indulge in the unparalleled quality and flavor of Stella Artois with the 6L Keg, the ultimate choice for beer aficionados seeking a premium Pilsner at home. Elevate your beer-drinking moments and immerse yourself in the rich brewing heritage that has made Stella Artois an iconic brand in Belgium and beyond. Please note: The Stella Artois 6L Keg is designed to be used exclusively with the PerfectDraft Machine for optimal enjoyment.


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