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Stella Artois Unfiltered 6L Keg

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Unleash the Unfiltered Flavor of Stella Artois 6L Keg - Pure, Vibrant, and Refreshing. Experience the rich taste of Stella Artois Unfiltered, crafted with traditional brewing methods and bursting with natural flavors.

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Discover Stella Artois Unfiltered 6L Keg: A Flavourful Belgian Lager for PerfectDraft Machines Experience the artistry of Stella Artois' Belgian brewmasters as they pay homage to traditional brewing techniques with their unfiltered premium lager. This unique brewing process allows the vibrant flavors of malt and Saaz hops to shine through, resulting in a naturally refreshing taste. Unfiltered and bursting with natural flavor, this lager retains the yeast and smaller proteins that are typically filtered out, enhancing its taste and giving it a slightly hazy, golden appearance. With a satisfying 5% ABV, each sip offers a delightful sensory experience. Indulge in 6 liters of Stella Artois Unfiltered, poured flawlessly from your PerfectDraft machine. Immerse yourself in the fresh flavors derived from the Saaz hops, creating a truly enjoyable beer-drinking experience. Please note: The Stella Artois Unfiltered 6L Keg is designed for use with the PerfectDraft Machine or PerfectDraft Pro Machine for optimal results. Plus, take advantage of our special offer and receive 100 beer tokens worth £5 for every keg returned to us. Learn more about returning your empty kegs here.


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