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Vocation Life & Death 6L Keg

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Experience the classic US-style IPA with Vocation Life & Death. Packed with three kilograms of hops per barrel, this 6.5% ABV beer offers a refreshing amber golden pour and a fresh white head, delivering a hop-forward flavor profile. Don't miss out on

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Experience the iconic Vocation Life & Death IPA, now with a slightly shorter best before date. As Vocation's best-selling beer, this US-style IPA packs a punch with its bold 6.5% ABV and generous hop infusion. With three kilograms of hops per barrel, Life & Death showcases its hop-forward character from the first pour. Admire its captivating amber golden appearance and luscious white head, reflecting the classic US IPA style. Embrace the intensity and embrace Life & Death in every sip. Don't miss out on this renowned hop-driven masterpiece.


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